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Some History

We are Benjamin and Shanna Wright, with our children Mira (b. 2015) & Peregrine (b. 2019.) We joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2013 and 2011 respectively. We served in the Republic of Georgia from 2014-2018 working on a literacy and Bible translation project for three unreached people groups in the Caucasus mountains.

Before joining Wycliffe, Benjamin served for six years in the Army as a Korean linguist. He then earned his MA in Linguistics with a focus on Bible Translation and Hebrew from Dallas International University.

At the same university (where we met), Shanna studied the intersection of culture, arts, and missions. Before that she double majored, earning BAs in Photojournalism and Linguisitics from Baylor University. She has put her studies and work on hold while our children are small.

Equipping the Church

For our next assignment, Benjamin will join a team creating tools and resources to equip church leaders around the world to translate the Bible into their own languages. These tools and resources can go places we cannot and be accessed by churches in physically hard to reach areas, regions where governments are preventing traditional Bible translators’ access, or places where the local church is eager and gifted to start translation work before a traditional Bible translation team is available (Praise God & pray for more laborers!).

Invest in Our Work

To do this work we need people like you willing to invest in Bible translation by praying and giving consistently to Wycliffe for our ministry. We cannot begin this new assignment until our monthly ministry budget is fully funded. Learn more about partnership.

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